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British Caving. Speleology 1953-1962

British Caving
An introduction to speleology
(1953) XVI + 468 p. + XLVIII làm., 12 tau., 87 fig., 98 fot. b/n., 252x150 mm.
Ed. Routledge & Kegan Paul Limited. William Clowes and Sons Limited. London



Chapters: Caves and Rocks; Caves and the Landscape; The Origin of Limestone Caves (including the Vadose, Phreatic and Compromise Theories); Cave Formations and Deposits; British Caving Regions; Caverns in Mines (including Cave Physics, Water Tracing, Geophysics); Archaelogy and Paleontology (including caves in England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland); Cave Fauna and Flora; Cave- Dwelling Bats; An Outline of Modern Cave Exploration; Searching for Caves; Caving Equipment (Personal, General, Use of Equipment); Exploring Caves; Cave Diving (History and Practice); Cave Photography; Cave Surveying; Safety Precautions and Rescue; Appendix A: Speleological Code and Ethics; Appendix B: 1. List of Caves, Mines and Resurgences, 2. List of British Caving Organizations, 3. Glossary of Caving Terms

1962 (Second edition, revised)
592 p.

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